AI-Driven Management of Dynamic Manufacturing Environments

C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization helps meet customer demand with maximum operational efficiency and minimal production costs​ by generating optimal manufacturing schedules via an elastic solver. The application provides powerful scenario planning capabilities with full visibility into downstream impact and is applicable to a wide range of manufacturing processes across discrete, process, batch, and other manufacturing types. ​

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Demonstrated Benefits


Improvement in OTIF planning and scheduling performance


Decrease in scheduling costs

Next Generation AI-Based Planning and Scheduling

Key Issues
C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization

Poor On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) performance caused by inadequate task-resource timing and allocation

Holistic optimization of all manufacturing and distribution schedules

Frequent change orders causing schedule disruptions

AI-powered predictions of customer order modifications

Costly transitions and inventory levels caused by suboptimal schedules

Elastic solver that fully optimizes schedules across millions of variables and constraints

Hard-to-maintain and rigid Linear Programming solutions requiring heavy manual interventions

No-code multiproduct, multipurpose ”what-if” planning and scheduling analyses for different time horizons

Multiple tools, multiple parties, inefficient collaboration

A unified and integrated application to streamline collaboration