Grow Cash Portfolio by Preventing Balance Attrition

C3 AI Cash Management

C3 AI Cash Management uses sophisticated machine-learning techniques to help liquidity managers gain visibility into client cash balances and prioritize actions to both prevent balance attrition and win additional balance with optimized rate offers. The application leverages advanced AI algorithms to quantify client rate sensitivity and predict the clients most likely to reduce or end their relationship with the financial institution. These rate sensitivity insights enable liquidity and relationship managers to take targeted action in near real-time.

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Demonstrated Benefits


Balance attrition predicted with up to 90 days advance warning

$10 Billion

Annual deposit balance retention opportunity

1 Billion

Transactions processed annually for AI models and exposed for end-user analysis

Transforming Cash Management with Enterprise AI

C3 AI Cash Management Solution

Daily balance volatility makes it difficult to differentiate normal and abnormal balance changes

AI-based, interpretable warning signals identify risky balance behavior

Each relationship manager is responsible for too many clients to monitor account activity

AI-based predictions alert relationship managers of impending balance attrition

Relationship managers make decisions based on an incomplete view of the client relationship

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360-degree customer view unifies client relationship and activity data

Existing solutions provide only backward-looking analysis

AI models identify anomalous client account balance activity

Treasury teams do not have an accurate view of client rate sensitivity

AI-based rate and price sensitivity predictions enable targeted rate and pricing decisions

Existing solutions do not provide recommended actions for high risk clients

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AI-based recommendations and advanced interpretability support optimal client offers

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