Reduce Turnaround Costs and Duration with AI

C3 AI Turnaround Optimization

C3 AI Turnaround Optimization helps manufacturers reduce the duration and cost of major maintenance events. C3 AI Turnaround Optimization provides an integrated workflow to identify discovery risk, optimize execution schedules, and predict potential delays with early warning. With C3 AI Turnaround Optimization, maintenance managers can streamline turnaround efforts, optimize scope of work, and achieve significant cost savings.

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Predict discovery risks to avoid uncertainty and integrate with C3 AI Reliability to reduce scope


Dynamically optimize resources and project schedule during execution to eliminate delays on critical tasks

Manual Tracking

Improve visibility into execution progress and receive alerts if execution lags versus benchmarks

AI-Based Turnaround Optimization

Pain point
C3 AI Turnaround Optimization Solution

Unplanned delays and scope changes cause cascading impact to event duration

Analyze the full turnaround schedule with AI throughout execution and receive recommendations to eliminate delays

Turnaround management teams have limited visibility into turnaround execution progress

Automatically ingest turnaround execution data and monitor progress in near-real time

Benchmarking current performance against historical events requires highly manual effort

Compare execution to historical benchmarks in near real-time

No ability to predict emerging delays with early warning

Receive prioritized alerts of high-risk delays and lagging milestones in near real-time based on progress updates from the field

Mitigating delays requires manual resource and task balancing

Apply AI-enabled optimization to generate recommended actions to eliminate delay risks

No ability to perform scenario analysis to compare execution options

Perform scenario analysis to compare schedule and resource allocation options

Inability to easily integrate project management software with analytical tools

Bi-directionally integrate with existing project management and work management systems to seamlessly update execution plans with optimized results

Customer Viewpoints

Dan Jeavons

Dan Jeavons

GM Data Science

"For us, the C3 AI platform has been a real enabler. The technology allows us to integrate large volumes of data at scale in the cloud. And on top of that data, to integrate thousands of machine learning models, and to train them in production."

Lorenzo Simonelli
Lorenzo Simonelli

Lorenzo Simonelli

Chairman and CEO

“Most people start off by thinking they can do it themselves. It is not easy to digitally transform. Go to the experts. C3 AI provides that expertise.”

Jim Hannan Thumbnail
Jim Hannan

Jim Hannan

EVP, CEO Enterprises

“There’s no question that C3 AI has capabilities we haven’t seen before, with something that gives us a platform to drive enterprise AI.”