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C3 AI CRM brings the full power of Enterprise AI to your existing CRM implementation and incorporates a new AI-powered graphical interface providing rich visualizations of sales, market, and customer data to deliver insights that drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

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C3 AI CRM works seamlessly with existing CRM systems to fully AI-enable organizations’ existing CRM investments.

C3 AI CRM enriches existing CRM data with internal and exogenous data from any source—including ERP data, vendor management data, consumer data, customer stock prices, analyst reports, SEC filings, news, social media, and more.​

C3 AI CRM—powered by C3 AI’s Enterprise AI platform—unifies these data into a single image, kept up to date in near-real time, providing an unparalleled ability to analyze and visualize all relevant data influencing customer buying behavior.

More Accuracy

C3 AI CRM trains accurate, powerful AI/ML models using a rich, unified data foundation.

These models fully empower sales professionals, managers, and executive management with AI-enabled CRM capabilities including:

  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Product Forecasting
  • Opportunity Scoring
  • Next Best Product
  • ​Next Best Offer
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Relationship Modeling
  • Customer Retention
  • and more

more accuracy

More Insights

C3 AI CRM leverages an AI-driven, rich graphical user experience that fundamentally redefines how users manage the interrelationships at the heart of sales, marketing, and customer services success.

This interface enables Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Management to easily and intuitively interact with real-time visualizations of sales, market, and customer data, fundamentally changing the user-experience paradigm of CRM.

Visualize Your CRM Data

C3 AI Sales Vision

C3 AI Sales Vision

Visualize the interrelationships of a company’s personnel, including virtual cross-organizational work teams and organizational charts, enabling salespeople to see colleagues’ connections to buyers and influencers at current and prospective customer accounts.

C3 AI Customer Vision

C3 AI Customer Vision

Visualize the interrelationships of various customer personnel including decision makers, key influencers, and other important roles that can affect buying decisions.

C3 AI Market Vision

C3 AI Market Vision

Visualize the interrelationships at the intersection of company, customer, third parties, and exogenous factors, enabling salespeople and sales managers to identify the linkages between their company and their customers.

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