Reinventing CRM

Yesterday’s CRM is Inadequate

A general-purpose system-of-record CRM is no longer sufficient to address the dynamics of today’s market and the mandates of digital transformation. Introducing a new generation of industry-specific AI CRM that delivers powerful predictive insights to boost performance of sales, marketing, and service, tailored for every industry.

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Industry-specific object models, AI capabilities, and data connectors

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Proven and modern CRM built on the Power Platform and hosted on Azure

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Market leading customer experience solutions driven by AI

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Grow pipeline, accelerate revenues, and increase customer lifetime value

Predictive AI-driven insights delivered at every step of industry-specific workflows boost performance of your sales, marketing, and service professionals.

  • Focus on high-value leads recommended by industry-specific AI models with the right sales play and pricing
  • Promote AI-recommended X-sell offers to grow revenues per customer
  • Identify customers with high churn risk, and retain them with AI-recommended strategies

Accelerate time to value from your CRM and Customer Experience implementations

Generic CRM and Customer Experience Management solutions can take a long time to implement and even longer to yield economic benefits. C3 AI CRM provides industry-specific applications that are pre-built with industry object models, AI models, workflows, and data connectors that can be quickly configured to meet your unique business needs. This significantly accelerates the time and reduces the cost to deploy these applications and realize value.

Gain peace of mind from being part of a leading ecosystem

C3 AI CRM is built upon and includes the market-leading CRM capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, customer experience management capabilities of Adobe Experience Cloud, and C3 AI’s proven Enterprise AI solutions. The combination of these best-of-breed capabilities provides a future-proof solution to your sales, marketing, and customer service needs.

Reinvent your CRM

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