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Drive cross-team accountability and visibility to revenue with actionable insights that help you win more

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Accurate Forecasts

Powered by the C3 AI Platform, C3 AI CRM uses AI to forecast revenue, bookings, and consumption across multiple business dimensions, such as leader hierarchy, territory, product, account, and many others.

Surface the factors impacting opportunity outcomes, forecasts, and revenue. Receive early alerts and notifications for emerging risks. Take rapid action to win more.

Powered by External Data

Unlock revenue predictability with external data. C3 AI CRM enriches your data with best-in-class alternative data sources including customer firmographic and financial performance data, industry-level performance indicators, and country-level macroeconomic trends.

Pipeline Analytics

Analyze pipeline generation and opportunity progression over time. Rich visualizations offer an intuitive way to identify hot spots in your pipeline. No more spreadsheets or cumbersome BI tools needed.

Relationship Insights

C3 AI CRM redefines the user experience with Sales Vision. Sales Vision provides relationship visualizations that improve sales execution. Identify single threaded deals, ensure the right stakeholders are being engaged, and monitor relationship health with visibility to your sales network.

Unified Intelligence for Enterprise Complexity

Built on the C3 AI Platform, C3 AI CRM enables you to manage your deals, monitor your pipeline, and forecast across all business units in one place. C3 AI CRM brings together data from all business units, across all CRM instances, with support for all CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics). CRM data can be integrated with data from any enterprise system, using more than 200+ prebuilt connectors.

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