Energy Technology Company Grows Revenue with Next Best Offer


An energy technology company wanted to increase product upsell and cross-sell across its customer base, but its salespeople didn’t know which accounts to target first.

The sales team had a lot of data to work with, but not enough context. Salesforce was filled with more data on contacts, opportunities, activities, and next steps than the sales reps could make sense of. But the CRM lacked key information such as order fulfillment, payment history, customer sentiment, satisfaction scores, and financial performance—all of which are important for sales targeting.

Because of this, sales people relied on their own judgment, informed by the limited data available in the CRM, to identify customers in need of additional products from the portfolio.


The company turned to C3 AI CRM for help.

Today, sales professionals benefit from the complete view of customers that C3 AI CRM provides. The application connects to the company’s enterprise systems, including Salesforce and SAP, to access information about order fulfillment, services records, activities, customer communications, and products. The application also integrates external market, commodities, news, and financial information, giving salespeople up-to-date insights into all the internal and market factors influencing their accounts.

C3 AI CRM then triggers AI models to recommend new sales opportunities for each product in the portfolio across the customer base.

C3 AI CRM maintains both the customer data image and the quality of the AI models with the powerful data management and MLOps capabilities the underlying C3 AI Platform.

The result — sellers receive a complete picture of the internal and market factors impacting their customers, along with recommendations that have helped them increase cross-selling by 10%.


  • $765M annual revenue
  • 15,000 customers
  • 1,800 products across 6 product lines


  • Grow the business by increasing the number of products purchased by every customer in the base
  • Provide sales professionals with higher-quality, up-to-date data and AI insights for their key accounts
  • Demonstrate the value of AI as a technology for addressing sales and marketing challenges and opportunities


  • 12 weeks to integrate data, tune ML models, and deploy application
  • Integrated internal & exogenous datasets (CRM, ERP, macroeconomic, firmographic, other exogenous)
  • 4 years of deal history analyzed for model training
  • 1,000+ out-of-the-box signals tested during AI training, with 130 prioritized for use in production AI model
  • AI model achieved 80% recall when evaluated against test data (i.e., out of every 10 high-propensity NBO opportunities, the model identifies 8)
  • Comprehensive evidence package for every AI recommendation, including comparison of each cross sell / upsell to similar successful & unsuccessful deals


revenue uplift
increase in cross sell / upsell
increase in total win rates

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