Forecast demand and strategize planning across your business

Boost the accuracy of supply chain insights.

The application gives your team end-to-end visibility with AI-powered demand profiles, available for any level of supply chain hierarchy. Comprehensive AI models pull from internal and external data sources, and forecast results are synced across systems to ensure continuity and maximize planner efficiency.

Demonstrated Benefits


Increase in forecast accuracy​


Weeks to results


Increase in planner efficiency​

AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

Common Challenges

C3 AI Demand Forecasting

Insufficient and disjointed data​

A comprehensive, up-to-date data image combines any and all relevant data sources, including weather, sourcing alerts, and factory delays

Too many products to forecast on a regular basis

AI makes it easy to forecast at the product level, automatically reconciling results across hierarchies

One-size-fits-all forecasting approach with low forecast accuracy​

Custom models for every segment improve results on a diverse product range

Hard-to-forecast SKUs, including new products and those with sparse data​

Comprehensive SKU-driven relationship modeling uplifts forecasts for new products or those with incomplete information

Complex and time-consuming forecasting process with lack of trust in the forecast​

User-friendly UI with evidence packages builds trust and drives adoption​

Customer Success


Forecast Accuracy Uplift

A multinational food company achieved up to 15% uplift in forecast accuracy and up to $70M of value in 6 weeks.
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Potential Inventory Reduction

A global high-tech hardware company reduced forecast errors, WAPE, by 70 – 100% compared to baseline forecasts, enabling a 7% potential inventory reduction.
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Improved Forecast Accuracy

An agricultural business leader improved forecast accuracy by 8% and saved $30M+.​
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