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Best Practices for Governing the AI Application Lifecycle: The Center of Excellence


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A typical large organization will seek to deploy hundreds of enterprise AI applications in the coming years, and will operate, refine, and support these applications over many years. Creating an effective organizational structure to govern the development, deployment, and operation of these applications at scale is essential to achieving sustained results.

This paper describes best practices in creating a Center of Excellence (CoE) – a proven model for designing, building, and operating enterprise AI applications at scale. These best practices are based on C3 AI’s methodology, derived from a decade of experience in working with dozens of the world’s leading organizations on large-scale enterprise AI deployments.

Contents of this paper include:

  • Setting Objectives for a CoE
  • CoE Critical Success Factors
  • How to Structure the CoE
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the CoE
  • Staffing the CoE Team