IT for Enterprise AI


IT Skills for Digital Transformations

With the rapid extinction of corporate data centers and the shift to public clouds providing managed cloud services, concepts such as Serverless and NoOps are rapidly becoming a reality. Staffing IT teams to support a corporate Digital Transformation requires significant re-training and attracting, hiring, and retaining individuals such as data scientists with specialized skill sets.

The table below contrasts the skills of current corporate IT teams and the transformation required to design, develop, and operate next-gen AI applications.


Data Center Management

  • Networking, Storage, UNIX, virtualization


  • Oracle, Sybase, Netezza, Teradata, Exadata
    Application Development
  • Java, C#, WebSphere, WebLogic, Ruby/Rails, Force, Spring

Enterprise Applications

  • SAP, Oracle, Infor

Digital Platforms

Cloud Platforms (Public/Private/Hybrid)

  • AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker

Connected Products/IoT

  • Gateways, Embedded systems

Relational, Multi-Dimensional and Distributed Data Stores

  • HDFS, S3, NoSQL, Columnar, Graph, PostgreSQL, HBase, RedShift, DynamoDB