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The C3 AI Platform is a unique high-productivity, low-code application PaaS for rapidly developing and deploying AI applications at scale across an enterprise. The C3 AI Platform has been developed and hardened through numerous large-scale deployments over 10 years at an investment of $800 million. The C3 AI Platform is proven to support Enterprise Digital Transformations.

The C3 AI Platform’s model-driven architecture provides a simplified Type interface, which abstracts underlying technologies through domain specific model representations and expressions and allows application developers and data scientists to collaborate to deliver complex pre-production AI applications in 6 to 12 weeks.

Developing Enterprise AI Applications requires less code to be written and less code to be debugged and maintained, significantly reducing delivery risk and total cost of ownership. Your investment in application code is abstracted from underlying infrastructure and platform services and future-proofed against rapidly evolving software technologies, avoiding lock-in to those technologies.

The C3 AI Platform can be deployed on private clouds and complements public clouds such as AWS and Azure, taking full advantage of their IaaS / PaaS services.

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