C3 Generative AI: How Is It Unique?

How C3 Generative AI Is Transforming Businesses

One major paper manufacturer is now using C3 Generative AI to significantly boost the speed at which it can address maintenance issues, ensuring its machines run as efficiently and productively as possible. The benefits far surpass what’s possible in a pre-generative-AI world.

Just one paper machine can stand eight stories high. It can contain several thousand sensors producing billions of records of data daily.

The company faces increasing challenges as longtime employees retire, taking years of valuable knowledge and hands-on experience with them. C3 Generative AI addresses that issue by making it possible for junior workers to easily get answers to routine or complex problems.

Now, an operator at the plant can ask simple questions, and get fast, helpful answers.

The system then provides a step-by-step method to fix the issue.

This is a monumental breakthrough compared with how things currently work at most manufacturing plants. While the process of maintaining and monitoring manufacturing equipment today is typically managed by an experienced machine technician, the process can be daunting. The technician needs to know which PDF manuals to search through — operating manuals from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), numerous standard operating procedures (SOPs) written by the operating company itself, plus multiple spreadsheets with logs of sensor data. Ultimately, if an urgent problem arises, the team likely has a go-to person (or people) that know how to address the issue the fastest.

C3 Generative AI simplifies such laborious and time-consuming processes. The machine operator types the query into the application, and the generative AI system does the rest, retrieving and delivering the most useful information possible in a matter of minutes versus hours or even days.

These sorts of process efficiencies are poised to transform enterprises everywhere, across multiple industries – financial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, defense, oil & gas, and more.

Consider the workflow for a sales manager at a financial service firm. Sales managers spend 45% to 60%1 of their time searching through product documents instead of focusing on selling. C3 Generative AI can eliminate the bulk of that, allowing sales managers to ask and receive reliable answers about the firm’s product offerings within minutes. An analyst at that same firm who needs information about a bond offering can use generative AI to rapidly retrieve important information about risk, maturity dates, and more; a loan manager can quickly find out which customers are at risk of default in the next quarter.

It’s hard to imagine an industry or government agency for whom generative AI won’t lead to important, transformative changes. If a job involves getting answers from documents and numerous other data sources, from sensors, or data residing in data lakes and various applications – generative AI is a game-changer for the enterprise. The possibilities are limitless, and the implications for accelerating and improving digital transformation efforts, impossible to overstate. This phase of the digital revolution is happening so fast that those who wait will fall woefully behind and, to put it bluntly, risk extinction.


1 Estimates based on customer projects.

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