C3 Generative AI for Government Programs

Unified Knowledge Source for Government Programs and Public Benefits Across Healthcare, Financial Assistance, and More

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Solution Areas


Get Instant answers to questions about eligibility, coverage, pricing, and other agency-specific information. Understand available healthcare programs and sign-up procedures. Get interactive support to help make the right decisions.

Housing Assistance

Provide relevant information on housing programs, eligibility criteria, and application processes. Offer personalized support to help citizens navigate affordable housing options and subsidies.

Employment and Unemployment

Streamline application steps and benefits administration including unemployment insurance. Provide tailored updates to employment programs and opportunities within regional enterprises.

Pension Support

Provide constituents with instant access to information on pension eligibility, benefits, and disbursement. Streamline pension management, ensuring timely resident support and personalized experiences for beneficiaries.

Judicial Services

Automate research and document analysis. Offer citizens straightforward legal resources and comprehensive updates on court procedures to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the judicial system.

Tax Collection

Provide relevant taxpayers with instant support on tax codes, deductions, and refunds in more digestible formats with source citations across every answer. Ensure efficient revenue collection and budget administration.




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Get Fast, Accurate,
and Traceable Answers


Discover how C3 Generative AI can eliminate service delays and shorten call center wait times to improve constituent experience.