Improve Sourcing Decisions with AI Insights and Alerts

C3 AI Sourcing Optimization

C3 AI Sourcing Optimization improves sourcing decisions to lower costs, increase efficiency, and minimize supply chain risks. The application unifies all internal and external data across purchase orders, suppliers, inventory, raw materials, market indices, news, weather, and other sources to provide a unified view of all sourcing activity. Using C3 AI Sourcing Optimization, sourcing managers can leverage AI and advanced machine learning capabilities to monitor all sourcing activity within a single pane of glass and mitigate supplier risks to avoid disruptions to the supply chain.​

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Reduce sourcing costs

by proactively identifying savings opportunities

Minimize price leakage

by continuously monitoring item prices

Improve supplier performance

through continuous benchmarking across peers

AI-Optimized Sourcing Management

Pain point
C3 AI Sourcing Optimization Solution

Lack of holistic visibility into sourcing operations

Single pane of glass into all sourcing operations enables global visibility and timely action

Undetected price variations across purchase orders

Sourcing price optimization creates pricing visibility and identifies savings opportunities

Difficulty capturing benefits from market index movements

AI-based pricing anomaly detection delivers timely alerts on any uncorrelated item-index movements

Reactive risk management

AI-based sourcing risk management monitors and mitigates potential fulfillment and supplier risks

Manual and ad-hoc analysis to reveal sourcing performance

Comprehensive sourcing performance tracking helps identify best practices to improve sourcing decisions

Customer viewpoints

Scott Parent
Scott Parent

Scott Parent

VP, Enterprise Engineering & Technology

“What the teams found is ingestion is happening about 80% faster with about 1/10 the resources”

Jim Hannan Thumbnail
Jim Hannan

Jim Hannan

EVP, CEO Enterprises

“There’s no question that C3 AI has capabilities we haven’t seen before, with something that gives us a platform to drive enterprise AI.”