AI Supply Chain Management

Supply chain executives with complex, global operations are under tremendous pressure to meet production demands, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction while dealing with increasing tension in global trade and supplier performance challenges.

To keep up, supply chains need to be more agile and resilient. A resilient supply chain provides visibility, predictability, and flexibility with the addition of AI-enabled solutions and applications that can make recommendations based on dynamically changing, real-time data. We call this AI SCM. Building these capabilities require technical and domain expertise that only an organization with years of experience in developing Enterprise AI and machine learning applications possesses.

Read this eBook and learn about:
  • Today’s challenges in managing a complex global supply chain
  • Re-imagining an agile and resilient supply chain with AI
  • The capabilities of C3 AI supply chain suite of applications
  • How enterprises use AI SCM to make their supply chains resilient

Rich with facts, charts, and perspectives from industry experts, this eBook is a valuable resource for executives who are ready to stop reacting to supply chain disruptions and shift to building a predictive, intelligent, and resilient supply chain.