Complete Sales Intelligence

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Benefits for the Entire Sales Team


Maximize revenue quarter after quarter with real time revenue visibility

Sales Operations

Operate efficiently with a rigorous revenue process that scales with your teams

Account Executives

Win more with
actionable AI insights

Precision Revenue Forecasting

Generate accurate revenue forecasts for all the ways you look at your business – by individual, team, geography, product, and more.

Consumption Forecasting

Forecast revenue based on product or service usage.

Opportunity Scoring

Monitor, prioritize, and accelerate individual opportunities with explainable AI scores and actionable insights.

Cross sell
Up sell

Identify the best product, upgrade, expansion, or renewal to put in front of a prospect or customer.

Precision Product Forecasting

Determine the right product needs to achieve revenue objectives and optimize cost and planning resources.

Customer Retention

Predict customer churn months in advance and maximize value from renewals.

Additional Benefits

Explainable AI

Take action based on AI-identified factors impacting forecasts and win rates.

Sales Pipeline Analytics

Drive improved pipe progression and generation with flow and waterfall visualizations that highlight changes to your pipeline over time.

Bi-directional Integration to Salesforce & Dynamics

Automatically sync updates from Salesforce or Dynamics365 to C3 AI CRM and vice-versa, all in real time.

External Data

Plan and execute with precision insights driven by C3 AI CRM’s extensive external data including macroeconomic data, stock prices, currency fluctuations, commodities, corporate actions, and news.

Multi Hierarchy & Multi Cadence Forecasting

Configure AI-driven, highly customizable forecasting workflows for any team, territory, account, product, or industry hierarchy and cadence (e.g., monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

Relationship Analytics

Visualize interactions between account teams, influencers, and decision makers in an intuitive interface.

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