Using AI to Transform Manufacturing in the Post-COVID World

June 24, 2020 | 9:00 am PDT

The safe, cost-effective, and sustainable operation of manufacturing facilities is a constantly moving target. COVID-19 caused disruption to supply chains and manufacturing operations around the world. The major concerns facing manufacturers today are ensuring inventory levels match demand, reducing manufacturing cost, addressing uncertainties, and preventing unscheduled downtime of production lines.

Join this webinar to learn how Applications help:

  • Create a comprehensive, real-time digital twin of global supply-chain operations
  • Reduce manufacturing process and equipment downtime with Predictive Maintenance
  • Increase manufacturing throughput, reduce lead times, and reduce unit costs with Production Scheduling Optimization
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels in the face of demand or supply uncertainty with C3 Inventory Optimization

Learn how manufacturers such as the businesses of Koch Industries, are using Enterprise AI applications to reduce costs, address uncertainty, and improve market responsiveness.


  • Roshan Shah​, Vice President ​CSC Operations, Georgia-Pacific
  • Jim Hassman, Group Vice President,

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