Enterprise AI for Supply Chain

Global AI-powered intelligence with near real-time visibility

Shift to Proactive Response

Continuously monitor and predict supply chain outcomes with AI that automatically learns from history and adapts to changing conditions

Plan for Uncertainty

Account for uncertainties with dynamic and probabilistic driven planning at a granular level

Design for Resilience

Manage risks with holistic and AI-powered scenario modeling to design flexible and disruption-resistant supply chain strategies

AI Supply Chain Management
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C3 AI Supply Chain Suite Applications

C3 AI Demand Forecasting

Transform your demand planning with AI
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C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization

Optimize industrial schedules with AI
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C3 AI Inventory Optimization

Reduce costs and free up working capital
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C3 AI Supply Network Risk

AI insights to mitigate supply chain risk
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C3 AI Sourcing Optimization

Improve sourcing decisions with AI insights
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