C3 AI Intelligence Analysis

C3 AI Intelligence Analysis unifies disparate data sources and provides AI-driven insights and alerts that unveil relevant relationships and drive timely interventions.

Key Capabilities

Unified, multi-int data fusion

Unified, multi-int data fusion

Unified, multi-int data fusion
  • Bring myriad structured and unstructured data sources into one central application
  • Eliminate data and knowledge silos within the organization by creating central corpus of information
  • Parse unstructured data feeds and combine with enterprise data to reveal trends
Interactive graph visualization

Interactive graph visualization

Interactive graph visualization
  • Explore semantic, temporal, and geographical relationships between entities
  • Reveal relational attributes between entities like strength and sentiment
  • Manipulate spatial and temporal data with advanced tools like hierarchical, force-based, and geospatial graphs
User access controls

User access controls

User access controls
  • Gain near real-time visibility of risks as they unfold
  • AI-enabled entity recognition extracts networks of people, places, events, and organizations within the data
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, including sentiment analysis, reveal hidden trends in text data
AI-generated insights and configurable alerts

AI-generated insights and configurable alerts

AI-generated insights and configurable alerts
  • Detect anomalous behavior by combining individual factors into a holistic assessment
  • Receive recommendations to mitigate threat level and protect national interests
  • Configure agency-specific alerts and recommendations
Investigation collaboration

Investigation collaboration

Investigation collaboration
  • Version control cases of interest
  • Explore unique hypotheses without compromising source data integrity
  • Create custom storyboards and share between internal and external stakeholders.
Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring
  • Continuously monitor activities, entities, and relationships and maintain a rich version history
  • Detect critical events and AI-inferred relationships in near real-time and provide timely action
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C3 AI Intelligence Analysis can be deployed across government and commercial firms


Law Enforcement

Defense & Intelligence

Financial Services


Use Cases

Identity Adjudication

Investigation Analysis

Fraud Detection

Network Analysis

Anomaly Detection

Case Management

Benefits for Application Users

Intel Analyst (Government)

Analyze all data sources and intelligence reports in a single view. Vet AI-based recommendations that highlight patterns of interest and propose course of actions and mitigation tactics.

Intel Analyst (Commercial)

Aggregate compliance and legal documentation into one repository to break down knowledge and data silos within the organization.

Knowledge Manager

Expedite efficient configuration of new data sources to help intel analysts incorporate novel information into their analyses.

Data and Architecture

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