AI for Anti-Money Laundering

Compliance teams are struggling to keep up.

Enforcement actions and penalties for non-compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations are on the rise. Compliance teams are struggling to keep up with the increasing volume while dealing with immense cost pressure, outdated systems, and constraints of remote operations because of COVID-19. At the same time bad actors are employing an increasingly diverse set of strategies to stay ahead of regulators and compliance departments.

AI holds the promise to dramatically improve the accuracy of detecting AML cases and reducing the number of unproductive false-alerts generated by rules-based software.

This eBook provides a detailed guide for compliance officers and AML investigators to:

  • Shift their mindset about the use of AI and digital technologies
  • Build a business case for the use of AI in AML operations
  • Plan for integrating key data sources required for AI-based AML
  • Learn how AI models can help detect AML transactions and accounts while reducing false suspicious activity reports
  • Get started with the right approach and foundation

Rich with facts, case studies, and a descriptive step-by-step approach, this eBook is a valuable resource for any AML leader considering the use of AI in their operations.