C3.ai CEO Thomas M. Siebel was interviewed live on Fox Business “Countdown to the Closing Bell” in a segment called “C3.ai‚ Microsoft team up to bring AI to industrial ‘Internet of Things‘” hosted by anchor Liz Claman.

Called a “true Silicon Valley original” by Claman‚ Siebel discussed some of the most pressing questions around AI today and highlighted how C3.ai‚ as the world’s leading provider of AI and IoT applications for industrial use‚ is helping transform industries around the world.

Highlights include:

  • C3.ai’s recently announced partnership with Microsoft is delivering new technology developments that accelerate enterprise AI and IoT application development. For example‚ C3.ai is working with Microsoft and Royal Dutch Shell to use predictive analytics to increase operational safety and reliability lowering the cost of energy.
  • New breakthroughs in information technology with predictive analytics are dramatically changing the way organizations deal with customers‚ manufacture products‚ and deliver services.
  • C3.ai is focusing on major growth areas for AI‚ including healthcare where data are being analyzed to dramatically increase efficacy of medicine‚ lower the cost of delivery‚ and decrease disease incidence.

Noting that AI promises to solve a class of problems that were previously unsolvable‚ Siebel cautioned that as the field of AI keeps growing‚ the elimination of jobs‚ privacy issues‚ and cybersecurity issues will increasingly require closer attention.

You can watch the full segment here: C3.ai‚ Microsoft team up to bring AI to industrial ‘Internet of Things’