February 25, 2020

AI, The View From A Silicon Valley Icon – A Podcast With Tom Siebel CEO C3.ai

Tom Siebel is one of the founding fathers of the Silicon Valley software industry. He is a part of the geography that kick-started the first internet wave in 1998 when ideas like CRM and ERP were first born as building platforms to propel companies into the digital age. CRMs now form the most common of practices for any company or even government body looking to manage on an ongoing basis communications and sales processes. What he thinks and how he builds for the next revolution with technology, should be something we all pay attention to.

As a recent author of the book, Digital Transformation, Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction, his view about AI and what it can achieve, and what we should be aware of, serves as an excellent marker for what we could be experiencing ten years from now.

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