C3.ai - Google Cloud Alliance

AI, IoT, and digital transformation initiatives are possible when the potential of big data and elastic cloud computing is fulfilled by machine learning capabilities to create self-learning systems. Combining the proven capabilities of the C3 AI Suite in big data processing and comprehensive analytics with Google Cloud’s world-class AI algorithms and cloud infrastructure allows for enterprise-scale AI and operational transformation.

Ed Abbo quote on Google Cloud Alliance

“The Google Cloud and C3.ai partnership creates a solution that dramatically speeds up our customers’ digital transformations to allow them to rapidly attain new levels of operational efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage. Together, we deliver a powerful vision for AI-driven digital transformation at the world’s leading organizations.”

—Ed Abbo



Nan Boden quote on Google Cloud Alliance

“We’re excited to bring the intelligence of Google Cloud to IoT through our work with partners like C3.ai. Bringing advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to IoT can unlock powerful insights for customers. C3.ai’s expertise in industries like manufacturing, retail, financial services and more will be a tremendous asset to help customers do just that.”

—Nan Boden

Head of Global Technology Partnerships

Google Cloud

The C3 AI Suite on Google Cloud

The model-driven C3 AI Suite accelerates development of complex AI applications while fully leveraging the highly differentiated Google Cloud Platform and infrastructure services.

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Oil & Gas / Mining

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Industrial / Manufacturing

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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Aerospace & Defense

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Financial Services

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Public Sector / Cities

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