Amazon Web Services (AWS) invited Thomas Siebel‚ CEO‚ to deliver the closing keynote at the AWS Transformation Day‚ held October 25 in Cologne‚ Germany‚ to an audience of more than 1‚000 business and IT leaders from across Europe.

Siebel discussed “AI at Enterprise Scale‚” including the application of artificial intelligence (AI)‚ the Internet of Things (IoT)‚ and model-driven software architectures to enable the digital transformation of enterprises across all industries – manufacturing‚ healthcare‚ financial services‚ oil and gas‚ energy‚ aerospace‚ and more.

AI represents a class of computations previously unattainable‚ Siebel explained‚ to develop self-learning algorithms to perform precise predictive analytics across a wide variety of use cases‚ such as predictive maintenance‚ fraud detection‚ supply chain optimization‚ and customer engagement.

By enabling the seamless integration of next-generation AI and IoT applications with the legacy data and enterprise software applications at the heart of mission-critical business processes‚ enterprises can deliver productivity improvements‚ cost efficiencies‚ higher levels of customer service‚ and better run businesses.

In Germany‚ this phenomenon of digital transformation is a core element of Industrie 4.0‚ a working group of leading German industrialist CEOs and research institutes formed to advise the German Federal Government on industrial policy to assure that Germany establishes a leadership position to exploit “the ability of machines‚ devices‚ sensors‚ and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of People (IoP).”