• CNBC / Fortt Knox
  • Jun 5, 2017

Tom vs. the Elephant: How One Billionaire Entrepreneur Keeps Going

By Jon Fortt, CNBC Anchor and Host of Fortt Knox

In a fascinating and far-reaching interview, CNBC anchor Jon Fortt interviewed Tom Siebel for his podcast series, Fortt Knox, about “rich ideas and the powerful people behind them – how they made it, what they value, and what makes them tick.”

“To say Tom Siebel has had an interesting life would be putting it mildly. He’s a billionaire, a tech visionary, and the survivor of an elephant goring eight years ago that, by the odds, should have killed him.”

With that opener, Fortt engages Siebel in a captivating conversation about survival and success.

From his early days at Oracle and Siebel Systems, to building C3.ai into a market leader, to his philanthropic endeavors, the interview reveals insights about Siebel’s remarkable journey as an inventor and entrepreneur.

Read the article on LinkedIn, ForttKnox.com, and CNBC: Tom vs. The Elephant: How One Billionaire Entrepreneur Keeps Going