The partnership will accelerate delivery of the new generation of enterprise applications

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – June 9, 2021 – C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the Enterprise AI application software company, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company. Snowflake is a leading provider of cloud-based data platform services and applications. Companies that currently use Snowflake will be provided with access to the C3 AI® Suite and pre-built C3 AI applications that address a range of industries and enterprise AI use cases – including AI-based CRM, predictive maintenance, supply network optimization, and fraud detection. The partnership is focused on combining Snowflake’s unique architecture – that enables customers to run their data platforms seamlessly across multiple clouds and regions at scale – with C3 AI’s robust enterprise AI development suite and family of industry-specific enterprise AI applications so that companies can dramatically accelerate and derive economic value from their data and enterprise AI initiatives.

C3 AI helps speed enterprise AI deployments for Snowflake customers by unifying Snowflake’s data, platform, and ML services through a model-driven, reusable, and extensible object system to accelerate development of a new generation of enterprise apps. C3 AI’s data virtualization capabilities will allow Snowflake customers to quickly unlock value from their investments in Snowflake without replicating data.

“This partnership brings together two leading technology providers – giving customers best-in-class data architecture and management, combined with the transformational power of enterprise AI applications,” said Houman Behzadi, president and Chief Product Officer of C3 AI. “Ultimately, this partnership will create significant time and operational efficiencies for Snowflake’s customers and solidify Snowflake as the operational data platform of choice for enterprise AI applications.”

C3 AI provides pre-built cross-industry object models that deliver functional capabilities, including energy management, equipment and process reliability, inventory optimization, and yield optimization. Additionally, C3 AI provides pre-built object models for industry verticals, including manufacturing, financial services, oil and gas, utilities, telecommunications, and aerospace and defense.

“The C3 AI Suite and C3 AI’s pre-built enterprise-grade models significantly speed and simplify the development of enterprise AI applications,” said Christian Kleinerman, SVP, Products, Snowflake. “As our customers deploy enterprise AI applications at scale, our seamless integration with C3 AI to Snowpark will accelerate the development and deployment of complex AI and machine learning use cases.”

“Shell and C3 AI have formed a rich and deep collaboration to fully explore what enterprise AI can offer,” said Dan Jeavons‚ General Manager Data Science at Shell. “We look forward to seeing this partnership between C3 AI and Snowflake continue to push that boundary – granting even greater flexibility, speed, and capabilities to C3 AI’s offerings, while further enhancing the ability of Snowflake’s customers to maximize insights and value from their data.”

With a focus on quickly delivering business value, processing speed is critical for enterprise applications. Snowflake Data Cloud enables organizations to mobilize data on Snowflake’s powerful platform with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. The C3 AI Suite offers Snowflake customers a scalable time series service to accelerate feature engineering by automatically converting, cleaning, calendarizing, and storing time series data. In addition, applications configured using the C3 AI Suite will also realize increased performance with Snowflake’s support for external functions and native query caching.

C3 AI and Snowflake customers can get their enterprise AI applications up and running at scale within as little as four weeks. For more information on C3 AI and enterprise AI solutions, visit

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