• Change the World.

  • Be Bold.

  • Be Courageous.

Generate data-driven insights to tackle COVID-19.

Compete for $200,000 in prize money and change the world.

Submissions were due November 18. The judges are reviewing submissions and winners will be announced mid-December.

The C3.ai COVID-19 Grand Challenge

C3.ai invites developers, data scientists, students, and creative minds around the world to build world-class data science techniques and strategies on top of solid, wide-reaching data that drive smart and safe decision making. C3.ai is looking for meaningful data-driven insights to inform decision makers and change how the world is fighting this pandemic.

In the C3.ai COVID-19 Grand Challenge, participants will use the C3.ai COVID-19 Data Lake as one of the key sources of data to produce new and innovative data science projects that help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s time to act. Join the fight against COVID-19 and build for a better tomorrow.

C3.ai Grand Challenge

$200,000 in Prize Money

Gold Medal

First Place


One first-place winner

Silver Medal

Second Place


Two second-place winners

Bronze Medal

Third Place


Four third-place winners

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C3.ai will publish and feature the winning submissions on its website in December following the announcement of the winners. This recognition will give your work an international audience, allowing your work to be adopted and integrated into the decision-making process of leaders around the world.

Join the Team

Join the C3.ai Team

C3.ai will be reviewing all submissions throughout the Grand Challenge. Participants with impressive submissions can benefit from an accelerated recruiting process at C3.ai. If interested, participants can enter the C3.ai recruitment process during team registration.

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