C3.ai was a notable presence at AWS re:Invent this week‚ building on the significant focus around AI at the annual user conference.

C3.ai leaders participated in three separate speaking sessions with utility customer ENGIE and C3.ai partner Intel‚ and hosted users and customers at a visible show-floor experience. The AWS re:Invent activities underscore C3.ai’s ongoing collaboration with AWS to deliver an industry-leading software platform for digital transformation.

ENGIE Senior Technical Team Lead Julien Tamisier and Jim Hassman‚ C3.ai Group Vice President of Industrial Sales‚ led a breakout session on accelerating the development of enterprise-scale AI applications. The topic of how to scale enterprise AI applications beyond pilots was a significant focus for re:Invent attendees. Julien Tamisier discussed the multinational utility’s digital transformation‚ enabled by the C3 Platform and applications running on AWS. ENGIE is the world’s largest independent electricity producer.

“C3.ai brings the scalability required to build industrial AI-based applications‚” said Tamisier. He noted that “the C3 Platform is a key component of ENGIE’s digital transformation efforts.”

In a separate technical session‚ C3.ai and Intel presenters covered the C3 Inventory Optimization application and Intel performance boosts for AI. C3.ai Director of Product Management Dib Banerjee discussed how stochastic inventory optimization can address a variety of challenges‚ including end-to-end supply chain visibility‚ inventory costs‚ and service level commitments. C3 Inventory Optimization can help organizations reduce inventory levels by more than 30%‚ achieve 99%+ service levels‚ and attain greater than 80% accuracy in predicting supplier delays. Binay Ackalloor‚ Intel’s Global Head of Enterprise Business Development‚ Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning‚ spoke about Intel’s collaboration with AWS‚ on the latest C5‚ R5 and M5 instances that leverage Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPU processors. For customers running AWS‚ these new chips simultaneously improve performance between 21-50% for machine learning model training‚ model inference‚ and compute-intensive C3 Platform workloads like time series normalization‚ while lowering total cost of ownership between 41-49%.

ENGIE’s Tamisier and C3.ai’s Hassman spoke at a session entitled “Faster‚ Better‚ Cheaper: AI Apps in One-Tenth the Time and Cost.” During this breakout session‚ attendees were intrigued and excited to hear how the C3 Platform on AWS is accelerating time to value for AI applications. “It takes one person one week using the C3 Platform on AWS to develop a simple AI application‚” said Hassman. “The same application would take 15 weeks for a team of five people when building it by assembling microservices.” Tamisier illustrated this point by describing how ENGIE deploys three new AI and IoT applications on the C3 Platform on AWS every six months while operating and improving the existing applications.

The annual AWS re:Invent user conference was held November 26-30 in Las Vegas.