C3 AI Platform

Responsible AI

Drive adoption and trust with explainable AI

Explainable AI

Increase trust of AI insights with rich evidence packages and streamlined investigation tools.

Easily integrate AI explanations into your workflow with ML pipelines equipped with leading interpretability methods such as Lime, SHAP, ELI5.​​

Model Lineage

Enable full transparency with end-to-end lineage that traces each AI insight back to raw data. The C3 AI Platform automatically tracks the history of all critical model assets, including features, runtimes, auto hyperparameter tuning experiments, ML models, and model outputs. Compliance teams can easily audit the entire model or prediction from any point in time.​

Bias and Fairness

Mitigate bias with comprehensive toolkits and techniques, ensuring models are driving equitable and fair outcomes. Integration with libraries including AI Fairness 360, Alibi, and Aequitas is available on the C3 AI Platform.

Model Risk Management

Strict and customizable access controls and metadata records meet any rigorous security and governance requirements.

Users can review the full model history including all user actions, model signing and verification, data linage, and versioning. Access can be configured for all model artifacts, notebooks, input data, features, models, and outputs.

Human-AI Collaboration

The C3 AI Platform delivers the ideal balance of AI automation and human intervention for optimal business decision making. Teams can configure when to automatically retrain and promote models based on key performance metrics, set up expert approval processes, and enable human-in-the-loop AI supervision across the enterprise.

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