C3 AI Platform

Data Models

Accelerate application development

Use Case Data Models

Streamline development with use case data models that incorporate C3 AI domain expertise and represent common business processes in supply chain, asset reliability, demand planning, energy management, fraud detection, and more.

Industry Extensions

Pre-built industry data models across manufacturing, energy, financial services, healthcare, and other industries support common industry standards (e.g., CIM, CDISC) and ensure interoperability across your business.

Reusability and Extensibility

C3 AI industry and use case data models are defined in metadata that enables flexibility and ease of extension to further augment, modify, and extend for application-specific customer needs.
The data models are abstracted from any enterprise system, data store, or infrastructure, offering ease of ongoing maintenance.​

External Data, Readily Accessible

Common external data sources – weather, news, market and financial data, company firmographic information, logistics, and more – are published and readily available for all customers to leverage in their applications. C3 AI continues to add to the rich library with more external sources every year.

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