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Data Integration

C3 AI Studio provides data engineers, data scientists, and data owners with unmatched data integration capabilities. Users can seamlessly integrate disparate internal and external data using out-of-the-box connectors to enable streaming, batch processing, and virtualization at scale. Users can explore, clean, contextualize, and label data, visualize data pipelines, and engineer features via an integrated experience. ​​

Machine Learning

C3 AI Studio enables data scientists to rapidly design, train, and deploy ML algorithms at scale. Data scientists can configure and run ML experiments directly from the application canvas and inspect experiment progress and results with interactive charts. From the canvas, users can connect to JupyterLab with one-click and access all authorized data, APIs, and ML services using Python SDK.​​

UI Development

C3 AI Studio comes with flexible UI development capabilities that allows developers of all backgrounds and levels of expertise to deliver engaging application experiences. Users can use low-code tools to tailor applications to business needs, meet branding guidelines, and scaffold new workflows. Users also have the option of using integrated tools and libraries such as JavaScript, React, SCSS.​​


The application canvas enables developers and administrators to proactively manage CI pipelines. Users can configure CI pipelines, inspect the qualities of build artifacts, and deploy green builds into production. Administrators can monitor the health of environments, configure environment settings, and manage usage and resourcing.

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