C3 AI Platform


Future-proof applications and simplify management

Model-Driven Architecture

Build future-proof and scalable applications with the C3 AI Platform’s unique model-driven architecture.The C3 AI Platform provides an abstraction layer that allows developers to easily connect all application elements such as data persistence and streaming, continuous analytics processing, machine learning, and security services, no matter the underlying data structure, accelerating the time-to-value of AI applications.​​

Model Driven Architecture

Open Architecture

An open and modular architecture provides flexibility so you can use existing software investments. Developers don’t have to choose sides — they can work directly with native C3 AI Platform tools and services or take advantage of third-party integrations across the AI application lifecycle.​​

Model Driven Architecture

Elastic Computing

Allocate compute resources in the most effective way for your team. With the ability to manage compute resources at an application level, it’s easy to allocate resources and automatically shutdown or suspend application environments based on a schedule or application activity.

elastic cloud computing

Open Metadata

Access and visualize metadata available on the C3 AI Platform via APIs to external metadata catalogs such as Collibra and Azure Data Catalog.​​

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