REDWOOD CITY‚ CA. March 13‚ 2019 –‚ the leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation‚ today announced the Partner Program to scale the implementation of AI technology. The first 10 partners to join the program include BGP‚ Clarity Insights‚ intelia‚ Neal Analytics‚ Ortec‚ Pariveda Solutions‚ Solstice‚ CGI‚ and West Monroe Partners. Partners collectively comprise more than 3‚000 personnel in North America‚ Europe‚ and Asia—with skills in data engineering‚ data science‚ and application development on the C3 AI Suite. Partner professionals will achieve certification on C3 AI Suite fundamentals and in specializations such as application development and data science. Partners will help customers capture value more quickly by supporting implementations of the C3 AI Suite and Applications‚ including C3 Predictive Maintenance‚ C3 Anti-Money Laundering‚ C3 Energy Management‚ C3 Fraud Detection‚ C3 Sensor Health‚ and C3 Inventory Optimization.

“The market for AI and IoT software applications is estimated to exceed $250 billion by 2021. We’re excited to work with leading and innovative service providers to unlock additional opportunities for global organizations across industries such as oil and gas‚ healthcare‚ retail‚ utilities‚ mining‚ financial services‚ and aerospace and defense‚” said Ed Abbo‚ CTO of “Together‚ and its partners will help solve previously unsolvable problems and deliver value in weeks or months instead of years.”

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About is a leading AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation. delivers a comprehensive and proven set of capabilities for developing‚ deploying‚ and operating large-scale AI‚ predictive analytics‚ and IoT applications 25x to 100x faster than alternative approaches. The core of the offering is a revolutionary‚ extensible‚ model-driven AI architecture that dramatically enhances data scientist and application developer productivity while future-proofing applications against underlying IT evolution. The C3 AI Suite supports configurable‚ prebuilt‚ high-value AI applications for predictive maintenance‚ fraud detection‚ sensor network health‚ supply chain optimization‚ energy management‚ anti-money laundering‚ and customer engagement.

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