Redwood City‚ Calif. – February 23‚ 2016 – C3 Energy today announced that it has changed its name to C3 IoT™. The name change reflects an evolution of the company‚ the broadening of its customer base‚ and a significant expansion of its addressable market.

C3 Energy grew rapidly to become the leading provider of elastic cloud‚ big data analytics‚ and machine learning IoT applications for energy markets‚ having successfully deployed production applications at 20 corporations across the U.S. and Europe. As‚ the company has expanded the application of its C3 Platform to provide a full-stack IoT development platform addressing the requirements of enterprise markets‚ including oil and gas‚ manufacturing‚ aerospace‚ automotive‚ chemical‚ pharmaceutical‚ facility operations‚ telecom‚ retail‚ insurance‚ and financial services companies‚ as well as government‚ defense‚ and intelligence agencies.

Thomas Siebel‚ CEO‚ said‚ “In response to increasing demand from industrial and commercial companies‚ we are now providing the C3 Platform to IT teams and solution providers in all industry sectors to enable the full range of IoT solutions‚ including predictive analytics‚ predictive maintenance‚ investment planning‚ fraud detection‚ threat detection‚ cybersecurity‚ energy management‚ and customer engagement solutions.”

“’s rebranding is a clear signal that the company is building on its successes in the energy space and extending its advanced analytics platform and software applications to other industries. Not to mention‚ this aligns with European utilities’ ambitions to become IoT and smart city enablers‚” said Roberta Bigliani‚ Associate Vice President Head‚ Europe‚ Middle East & Africa‚ IDC Energy Insights.

McKinsey estimates the potential economic impact of new IoT applications and products to reach $3.9-$11.1 trillion by 2025. has developed and released the C3 Platform to enable the rapid design‚ development‚ deployment‚ and operation of next-generation enterprise applications and business processes.

“ is assuming a leadership position at the vanguard of engineering in cloud computing‚ big data‚ analytics‚ and machine learning. Thanks to their groundbreaking work at the intersection of the most advanced scientific research and commercial big data machine learning systems‚ will set itself apart as a leader and a trend-setter in the exploding IoT market‚” said Andreas Cangellaris‚ Dean‚ College of Engineering‚ University of Illinois‚ Urbana-Champaign.

The C3 Platform is commercially available for immediate customer use. Learn more about today’s announcements‚ including the platform‚ applications‚ enterprise vertical market use cases‚ and third-party testimonials‚ at