• Jun 16, 2016

C3.ai and AWS to Seize Global Enterprise IoT Market Opportunity


Redwood City, Calif. – June 16, 2016 – C3.ai™, a global leader in enterprise IoT platform and applications software, today announced a new level of cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a tightly integrated, end-to-end platform as a service that accelerates organizations’ success with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications and other big data initiatives. This full-stack IoT development platform enables enterprises to securely connect devices at scale and rapidly ingest and correlate data with enterprise operational systems to deliver real-time, machine learning-based predictions and recommendations to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer engagement, and differentiate products and services.

More than 20 public sector and large enterprise customers, including Endesa, Enel, Eversource, and Pella, have deployed enterprise-wide, machine learning applications – from predictive maintenance, sensor and network health, and energy management to fraud detection and customer engagement – on the C3 Platform™ hosted on the AWS Cloud.

C3.ai and AWS are building on this proven foundation with new development and go-to-market initiatives designed to facilitate customer success with large-scale IoT implementations. As an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), C3.ai is going “all-in” with AWS. The C3 Platform is now fully integrated with AWS IoT, a managed cloud service that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with the cloud, to seamlessly deliver meaningful insights about sensor status and safeguard sensor network health. The C3 Platform leverages AWS’s infrastructure and services to simplify the provisioning, management, and scaling of its platform components. It is also tightly integrated with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) auto-scaling clusters and spot pricing optimization, allowing customers to automate their big data and IoT infrastructure while saving on Amazon EC2 consumption and related costs.

When deploying end-to-end IoT solutions, time to market is critical. In less than 12 weeks, C3.ai enables organizations to deploy production pilot applications, integrate data from source systems, provide a machine learning engine, and assess and confirm the business value of IoT applications. One customer credits C3.ai applications, built on AWS, with $20 million in annual savings from smarter fraud detection. Another company reduced equipment failures between scheduled maintenance by 50 percent, lowering costs and downtime. One large enterprise lowered energy costs by 10 percent and another reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 14 percent.


“C3.ai’s alignment with AWS is one more sign that C3.ai is on the road to providing a broad and enterprise-wide IoT and analytics platform. C3.ai literally has tens of millions of sensors and data points under management. AWS provides the scale that C3.ai and its customers need to take that data and provide a scalable engine for expanding both the data under management and the impact of the business outcomes of using that data for decisive action.”

— Kevin Prouty, Vice President, IDC Insights

“Companies need help deriving business benefits from IoT due in large part to the complexities associated with managing dynamic data and monitoring devices at massive scale. Unlocking insights from this vast amount of data, in real time, requires a new technology architecture and high-level expertise to develop applications that can manage and analyze the data and, most importantly, make accurate predictions to enable decisive action. The collaboration between AWS and C3.ai through the APN Program addresses these challenges, empowering enterprises to capitalize on the full potential of IoT.”

— Marco Argenti, Vice President, Mobile and IoT, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“Together, AWS and C3.ai enable enterprises to quickly bring to market smart, connected solutions that increase operational efficiency and create new revenue opportunities. As a result, customers can focus their valuable resources on delivering innovative IoT solutions to their end users, instead of managing the heavy lifting of the underlying IT infrastructure platform needed to support it.”

— Ed Abbo, President and CTO, C3.ai

About C3.ai
C3.ai provides a full-stack IoT development platform (PaaS) that enables the rapid design, development, and deployment of even the largest-scale big data / IoT applications that leverage telemetry, elastic cloud computing, analytics, and machine learning to apply the power of predictive analytics to any business value chain. C3.ai also provides a family of turn-key SaaS IoT applications including predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply chain optimization, investment planning, and customer engagement.
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