CEOs of large corporations across industries are increasingly mandating digital transformation initiatives – with an eye on disruptive technologies‚ including Artificial Intelligence‚ Cloud Computing‚ Big Data Analytics‚ and IoT – to build competitive leadership. is holding a series of exclusive events in Europe and the U.S. on the topic of enterprise-scale digital transformation. Led by CEO‚ Tom Siebel‚ the events convene industry thought leaders‚ academic luminaries‚ and executives of leading companies to share challenges‚ learnings‚ and best practices from diverse yet comparable business environments.

Recent events were held in Paris and San Francisco:

Siebel and Jacques Attali‚ French economic and social theorist‚ writer‚ political adviser‚ and senior civil servant‚ led a discussion with senior executives from leading European companies across multiple industries‚ including transportation‚ insurance‚ construction‚ energy‚ and retail.

San Francisco
Condoleezza Rice‚ 66th U.S. Secretary of State‚ and other board members joined Siebel to host leaders from Fortune 500 companies in healthcare‚ automotive‚ technology‚ financial services‚ retail‚ bioscience‚ wireless‚ and discrete manufacturing.