Nanalyze‚ a website that reviews disruptive technologies for more informed investment decisions‚ posted a profile of this week. Highlights from the article‚ called “ A Full-Stack IoT Platform for Everyone‚” include:

  • Building a fully scalable cloud platform for IoT is much more difficult than it sounds. One company has managed to build the only full-stack IoT platform that has succeeded in scaling in production.
  • is a one-stop-shop for businesses that need an IoT platform.
  • is enabling … the “fourth IT wave” which utilizes all the technologies we have been getting excited about lately.
  • In order to understand just how incredibly capable the platform is‚ you only have to look at how it’s being used presently by their clients.
  • Here’s a very powerful statement that shows just how scalable their platform is: “For one multi-billion dollar global corporation‚’s platform ingests 7 trillion rows of data‚ with 550 billion sensor and device reads‚ processing at 1.5 million writes per second in a petabyte-scale data cloud‚ running more than 2‚500 analytics in near-real time to generate 8 million predictions per day‚ with greater than 95% accuracy.” Can you imagine the sort of infrastructure you need to have in place to accomplish that?
  • These implementations are saving tens of millions of dollars annually from improved fraud detection and reduced equipment failure; increasing customer engagement; and significantly lowering energy costs and greenhouse emissions (that’s the whole “making the world a better place” part).
  • is going to be cranking away and analyzing trillions of data points to make companies across all industries more efficient.
  • When you visualized a world where everything was connected and being analyzed by artificial intelligence to constantly get better over time‚ what you were visualizing was a platform offering like

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