• InformationWeek
  • Aug 10, 2016

C3.ai: Is Tom Siebel’s Startup An Emerging Powerhouse?

by Charles Babcock, Editor at Large

InformationWeek’s Editor at Large Charlie Babcock recently visited C3.ai headquarters in Redwood City, CA, and sat down with CEO Tom Siebel for a far-reaching conversation about industrial-scale Internet of Things applications and C3.ai’s competitive position in this dynamic market.

They discussed the company’s roots in the global energy industry, where C3.ai has installed “the largest set of IoT production applications on earth” and “more than 80% of European smart meters are under management by the C3 Platform,” according to the InformationWeek article. They also discussed demand for the company’s development platform for IoT applications from additional industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services. InformationWeek also cites independent analysis by Lux Research and Harbor Research, noting Harbor's conclusion that “C3.ai is clearly miles beyond its established competitors.”

The InformationWeek article concludes, “Siebel knows he previously enjoyed a big opportunity in launching salesforce automation on the mainframe, and the IoT opportunity is much larger than that. ‘We did something important at Siebel Systems and at Oracle, too,’ Siebel said. But if C3.ai creates a platform that becomes a leader in IoT applications, or sets a cross-industry standard for how to create IoT applications, that ‘would be a lot more important.’”

Read the full article: http://www.informationweek.com/iot/c3-iot-is-tom-siebels-startup-an-emerging-powerhouse/d/d-id/1326537