Constellation Research has published an independent‚ in-depth report recommending that enterprises shortlist for IoT platform selections and next-generation application use cases.

Constellation provides a thorough overview of the C3 Platform and explains the benefits of key differentiators‚ including the C3 Type System and integrated AI / Machine Learning capabilities. Constellation also assesses’s partnerships and alliances‚ pricing strategy‚ and management team – all in terms of customer value. Excerpts include:

  • The “time to go live” and “time to insight” metrics were crucial design criteria for The platform has demonstrated the ability to deliver value to enterprises in a matter of days‚ in contrast to the few quarters traditional platforms can take. Being able to achieve more with less resources (time and talent) is a proposition that is very attractive to enterprises at a time when software is a strategic differentiator.
  • has practically created the “mythological system of systems” through the combination of a data-first platform approach‚ the type-based system architecture‚ and the exposure of new automation via APIs. This combination of capabilities allows customers to bring all information together on the C3 Platform‚ not only for insight and Machine Learning processes‚ but also to make the C3 Platform the central system of record and the base for nextgen applications.
  • successfully addresses a number of challenges that have plagued enterprises in the past with respect to traditional approaches to Machine Learning. With‚ data remains in place‚ gets automatically updated and refreshed‚ and thus Machine Learning capabilities are no longer the domain of a small clique of advanced users.
  • All these capabilities of the C3 Platform have been created with the idea of empowering a few users to do a lot of work‚ while at the same time broadening the potential user base by requiring more business acumen than technical knowledge from platform users.

The report outlines specific capabilities of the C3 Platform that “substantially reduce the time to insights.”
Download the full Constellation Research report. It is also available via Constellation’s website.

Source: Holger Mueller‚ Vice President and Principal Analyst‚ Constellation Research‚ Inc.‚ 2017.