LNS Research‚ a leading analyst firm covering Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things‚ published a blog post explaining their positive outlook on C3.ai. Highlights from the LNS Research review include:

  • Although C3.ai provides a platform that is industry agnostic‚ given its early start in the utilities industry‚ the company has a leg up on some newer entrants to the market with industrial cred.
  • Because utilities were early adopters of smart connected devices‚ C3.ai has a platform that claims more connected devices than any other I have heard. To date‚ C3.ai has signed some of the largest utilities in the world with currently 70 million total connected devices.
  • Using C3.ai’s embedded ML [machine learning] capabilities‚ the utility was able to increase the success rate [of theft identification] to over 90%. The wow factor isn’t just the remarkable improvement‚ but the “how.”
  • One of the areas of challenge/experimentation for many IIoT Platform providers is the licensing model. C3.ai has wiped all that complexity away.

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