Read ZDNet’s interview with Thomas Siebel, CEO, about CEO-led competitive mandates driving the rapid adoption of digital transformation projects – specifically, big data, predictive analytics, AI, machine learning, and IoT applications that deliver dramatic operational efficiencies.

This transformation is being driven top down by the boardroom, by CEOs, Siebel explained, in large organizations across industries – automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities.

Why? The fear is if companies don’t embrace these new technologies, they will cease to be competitive in their markets. And they might be right, Siebel concluded. reported record fiscal year 2017 results, including 65% revenue growth and 600% bookings growth year over year.

This article is part of ZDNet’s Cloud TV series, in which business leaders discuss how the cloud and related technologies are disrupting traditional operating models for IT departments and entire organizations.

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