RTInsights explains why one of the largest utilities in the United States – Con Edison and Orange & Rockland Utilities – recently selected the C3 Platform to facilitate the company’s digital transformation.

According to RTInsights‚ “Data from smart meters is increasingly being used by utilities for a variety of use cases: pinpointing outages on the grid to restore power faster to specific areas; as demand response to reduce energy use; prevention of energy theft; dynamic pricing based on time of use; and to assist in the planning of distribution grid assets. The C3 Platform in particular is becoming a popular choice among large utilities – the tech company’s customers include two of the world’s largest electric companies: Enel‚ based in Rome‚ and ENGIE‚ based in France.”

In partnership with C3.ai‚ “Con Edison‚ which provides power to New York City and Westchester County‚ will operationalize data from 5 million smart meters to ensure the health of the sensor network and provide products and services that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning. The companies estimate data volumes will exceed 115 terabytes‚ growing by 104 gigabytes per day‚ from 480 million meter reads each day.”

This is the largest smart meter deployment currently under way in the U.S.

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