AI Energy Management Delivers Increased Efficiency and Savings

A global energy company partnered with C3 AI to fuel its AI-led digital transformation strategy. As part of the broader program, the company deployed C3 AI Energy Management in a major European market to enable large municipal and commercial customers to analyze energy consumption and reduce energy expenditure.

The global energy company is a top electricity and efficiency services provider in the world. The company provides energy services, including billing management and energy efficiency, for large public entities such as cities. And to deliver greater energy savings for their customers, the global energy company deployed C3 AI Energy Management.


The company needed C3 AI to deliver an AI energy management platform that could analyze data at a granular level, but also meet its sensor integration, customization, security, and scalability requests.


Using development tooling and services available on the C3 AI Platform, the company configured C3 AI Energy Management with custom analytics, data integrations, and complex asset hierarchies for their customers. Over the course of 16 weeks, C3 AI and the global energy company partnered to configure C3 AI Energy Management across more than 600 public facilities, in response to a business need identified by the local energy markets regulator.

In 2016, the global energy company selected C3 AI as the AI platform to enable its three-year digital transformation strategy. The company uses the C3 AI Platform to integrate data, develop, deploy, and manage applications (including C3 AI Energy Management) across 24 business units to solve critical use cases.

About the Company

  • 110+ GW of power production capacity
  • €50B+ annual revenue
  • 150,000+ employees globally
  • Top global power producer
  • Active in 70+ countries

Project Objectives

  • Differentiated service offering with a configurable and feature-rich technology solution
  • Rapid deployment to meet customer deadlines
  • Scalable energy management platform to expand business to new customers in a major European market and to other business units across the global energy company

Project Scope

  • 600+ facilities
  • 140 key performance indicators
  • 2,000 IoT devices providing streaming data
  • 13 unique source systems

Project Highlights

  • Modeled and analyzed a multi-layered hierarchy ranging from city aggregation down to individual building asset sensors
  • Configured data integrations on the C3 AI Platform, including custom temperature and billing feeds built by the company and connections to BMS systems providing measurements such as fan coil speed and HVAC status every 15 minutes
  • Provided a scalable and differentiating platform that is already being expanded to new customers

5 Lines of Business


additional savings when compared to alternative solutions
potential energy reduction identified for low-performing facilities
facilities where C3 AI Energy Management was deployed on time, to specification
analytics configured for energy data

Solution Architecture

C3 AI Platform

A Global Energy and Sustainability Management Solution

C3 AI Energy Management enables the company’s energy managers and their customers’ facility operators to use AI to analyze energy data, identify cost savings and performance improvement opportunities, manage contractual obligations such as comfort, and proactively take action to implement measures and verify benefits.

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