Global 100 Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation

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Project Challenge

ENGIE, the largest power producer in the world, chose the C3 AI Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create and implement a platform for enterprise-wide digital transformation and a center for IoT excellence, spanning across customer service, metering, energy management and maintenance.

The first applications developed and deployed into production on the ENGIE digital platform include: performance optimization for gas power plants, efficiency optimization of heating and cooling plants, energy analysis and management for enterprise and consumer customers, and anomaly detection of wind turbines.


  • 114.4GW Power-production capacity
  • €67 Billion Annual Revenue
  • 153K Employees
  • #1 Power Producer in the World
  • #1 Supplier of Energy Efficiency Services in the World
  • 70 Countries
Yves Le Gelard

“Together with C3 AI, we’re determined to be one of the rare leaders that will invent the new world.”

Yves Le Gelard
CIO and Chief Digital Officer, ENGIE

€1.5 billion in estimated annual economic benefit

To undertake a digital transformation spanning ENGIE’s operations across 24 business units in 70 countries required a substantial staffing investment from the company. ENGIE and C3 AI trained over 70 employees—including more than 20 data scientists—on the C3 AI Platform.

Across the five lines of business, ENGIE works with C3 AI on a roadmap for business and residential solutions, decentralized solutions for cities and territories, gas operations, and electricity production

To assess use cases and build the roadmap, ENGIE and C3 AI established a center of excellence (CoE) comprised of over 30 personnel working on applications and servicing the business. ENGIE also established a Digital Factory with a staff of 100 experts to propagate technologies and expertise worldwide.

Today, ENGIE applications ingest data from over 1 million connected devices at intervals ranging from every 1 to 15 minutes. The number of connected devices will grow to more than 5.5 million devices by 2020. To connect to the diverse devices ENGIE uses in operations, the C3 AI Platform provides support for a variety of device interfaces such as SigFox, DCS, EtaPRO, SCADA, Linky, and AWS IoT Core.

Solution Architecture

ENGIE solution architecture


Dulce Borjas
Dulce Borjas

Dulce Borjas

VP and CIO, ENGIE North America

“ENGIE is looking to provide a zero-carbon future. The C3 AI Suite is important because it helps us build applications faster.”

Dylan Matthews

Dylan Matthews

IT Innovation and Transformation Manager

"Trying to do it ourselves isn’t really feasible given the volumes of data that we deal with in ENGIE, so having an end to end tool that’s fully integrated is extremely beneficial."

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