Improving F-35 Mission Capability with the C3 AI Platform


The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Office (JPO) has standardized on the C3 AI® Platform to develop and deploy predictive analytics applications to improve the mission capability and aircraft readiness of the F-35 Lightning II, meaning the aircraft is capable of performing at least one of a set of designated core missions.


The F-35 JPO selected the C3 AI Platform as its platform for AI application development and established a Center of Excellence with C3 AI comprised of a joint executive steering committee and a working team of developers and data scientists.

Next, C3 AI trained F-35 JPO developers on the C3 AI Platform using its standardized training curriculum. This curriculum has been delivered to over 1,000 developers and data scientists, and it enables engineers to achieve productivity on the C3 AI Platform in 4–5 working days.

Once trained, the working team prioritized use cases and began development to address requirements for two applications with the potential to deliver substantial benefits to the JPO.

About the F-35 Lightning II

  • 535 aircraft operating today across 24 bases
  • Over 290,000 flight hours and 170,000 sorties amassed
  • 59 air bases in the U.S. and more than 100 airfields overseas
  • 1,040 pilots and air battle managers trained

Project Highlights

  • Trained JPO developers and established joint executive steering committee to ensure strategic targets are met
  • Provided tools for gaining insights at scale from unstructured data, e.g., Natural Language Processing pipelines to parse Failure, Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action (FRACAS) data
  • Developed user interfaces that allow operators to take action from within applications
  • Delivered maintenance and logistics insights at the levels of aircraft system, subsystem, and component


Use cases addressed in the first 3 months
F-35 aircraft addressed by CoE applications
Trained JPO developers working on the C3 AI Platform
Interim Authorization to Test (IATT) approval to deploy in DoD environment

Solution Architecture

C3 AI Platform

Proven results in weeks, not years

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