At the invite-only J.P. Morgan 2018 Aviation‚ Transportation‚ and Industrials Conference in New York City this week‚ President and CTO Ed Abbo delivered a keynote address about the impact of digital transformation on industries such as aerospace‚ aviation‚ manufacturing‚ and energy. By deploying AI at enterprise scale‚ Abbo explained‚ organizations are able to predict and optimize business processes – from product design‚ manufacturing‚ and delivery to customer service.

One example within the aerospace industry is the new AI-based predictive maintenance solution the U.S. Airforce has deployed to proactively identify when to optimally service and replace aircraft components. This reduces unscheduled and unnecessary maintenance‚ enhances personnel productivity‚ improves global replacement part inventory levels‚ and increases aircraft availability. All of these together improve safety and mission readiness.

Initial results have demonstrated a 25 percent improvement in aircraft availability‚ Abbo added. Considering the fact that the Pentagon spends 30 to 40 of its budget on operations and maintenance‚ even a one percent gain in efficiency could save the Pentagon billions.

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