Successfully Creating Digital Transformation

Visionary CEOs are focused on driving enterprise-wide digital transformation, but achieving it is challenging. Read and download the articles below to learn how to address these challenges.

Digital Transformation - McKinsey Article

CEOs Must Embrace Digital Transformation

To elude disruption, enterprises need to implement AI, IoT, big data, and elastic cloud computing. CEO Tom Siebel explains how organizations can tackle the challenge.

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Digital Transformation - McKinsey Article

Forrester Examines “Execution Gap” in Digital Transformation

Almost half of decision makers and struggle to use data and analytics to meet digital transformation objectives. Read this report to learn about a better model for success.

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Aspenia - Digital transformation: the post-industrial utility

Digital transformation in the energy sector

Learn how utilities have implemented IoT and AI to run today’s most advanced smart grids, lowering costs, increasing resiliency and reliability, and reducing greenhouse gases.

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Constellation Research - A NextGen Platform for NextGen Applications

How to Create Next-Gen AI & IoT Applications

Building digital transformation applications doesn’t need to be a multi-year, multi-million-dollar endeavor. Constellation Research enumerates what you need to know.

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Digital Tranformation - Constellation Report

Analysis of Engie’s Approach to Digital Transformation

Engie CEO Isabelle Kocher is driving an enterprise-wide reinvention of how the European utility operates. Learn how a nimble Center of Excellence is at the core of this transformation.

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What I’m seeing now is that, almost invariably, global corporate transformations are initiated and propelled by the CEO. Visionary CEOs, individually, are the engines of massive change, unprecedented in the history of commerce. Tom Siebel, Founder & CEO

Tom Siebel Interviews with theCUBE at AWS re:Invent

Broadcast live from the AWS re:Invent 2017 show floor, theCUBE’s interview with Tom Siebel captures his perspective as a 40-year technology industry veteran and successful serial entrepreneur on the big tech trends enabling Digital Transformation – big data, elastic cloud computing, AI, and IoT.

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