Enterprise AI for Manufacturing


Many manufacturers try to build their own enterprise AI solutions by integrating multiple open source software components and micro-services from cloud infrastructure providers. This approach is time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive. It requires large numbers of developers to write voluminous code that results in excessively complex and brittle applications that easily break and are difficult to scale and maintain. The C3 AI Platform and the associated C3 AI Applications enable manufacturers to rapidly address the business problem at hand.

Manufacturing Industry

Reducing Inventory Costs and Optimizing Service Levels

A large electronics manufacturer and distributor with 100+ inventory managers gained visibility to 10,000 SKUs in 6 months.

Manufacturing Industry

Dynamic Optimization of Inventory Management

Applying artificial intelligence to build a real time view of inventory levels and supplier risks.

Manufacturing Industry

Improving Yield to Discrete Manufacturing

A large European manufacturer of specialty chemicals maintains a broad line of catalytic converters to clean emissions from motor vehicles.

Manufacturing Industry

Optimize Production Schedules and Decrease Manufacturing Costs

C3 AI team worked closely with the polypropylene plant managers and subject matter experts to understand the business and manufacturing processes and related data.

C3 AI CRM Manufacting

Optimizing Semiconductor Manufacturing Yield

A large manufacturer of high-performance semiconductors implemented C3 AI Process Optimization to optimize the manufacturing process of its wireless products.

Customer Testimonials

Jim Hannan Thumbnail
Jim Hannan

Jim Hannan

EVP, CEO Enterprises

“There’s no question that C3 AI has capabilities we haven’t seen before, with something that gives us a platform to drive enterprise AI.”

Roshan Shah thumbnail
Roshan Shah

Roshan Shah

VP, Collaboration & Support Center Operations

“I can buy all the parts, put them together, and try to build a computer, or I could go to an Apple Store and have a computer that works on day one. In more than one way, that's what we're seeing from your platform.”