Cloud Partnerships Done Right: C3 AI and Google Cloud

Google Cloud and C3 AI announced their initial partnership back in the summer of 2018. Recently, both vendors renewed their alignment, increasing their commitment to the partnership as well as expanding the depth and breadth of its scope.

Here are the key takeaways from the announcement for CxOs making decisions for their enterprise when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI)–powered next-generation applications:

  • The verticalization of cloud offerings is in full swing, with Google Cloud starting the trend at Google Cloud Next 2019. CxOs welcome this move, because a verticalized cloud offering is key for a better functional fit as well as accelerated value creation from cloud offerings and enterprise AI solutions.
  • C3 AI has committed to incorporate key Google Cloud technology innovations, from infrastructure and data services to productivity and industry solutions, to create more-complete industry applications. CxOs want to see consistent technology adoption and leverage their existing investments to reduce complexity in operations, implementation, support, and extension of their next-generation applications.
  • C3 AI portfolio can run 100% on Google Cloud. C3 AI has delivered and certified its complete application portfolio as able to run on Google Cloud. C3 AI can run fully within the Google Cloud platform but can also support multicloud and hybrid deployments to provide more flexibility to customers dealing with a fragmented environment.

To learn more, read this report by Holger Mueller, Vice President, and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research.


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