Redwood City‚ Calif. – March 28‚ 2017 – President and CTO Ed Abbo opened the second day of the MIT EmTech Digital 2017 conference in San Francisco today with a presentation for data science and AI technology experts featuring Fortune 500 companies that have successfully developed and deployed AI predictive analytics applications at enterprise scale on the C3 Platform.

Together with MIT Technology Review COO Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau‚ Abbo discussed the notable business results and time-to-value advantage that Healthcare‚ Discrete Manufacturing‚ Energy‚ Oil & Gas‚ and Financial Services organizations have achieved with the C3 Platform. customers have used AI and machine learning at scale across a broad spectrum of applications that include doubling fraud detection and recovery rates and identifying significant efficiency improvement across a fleet of power plants. Other use cases include pharmaceutical drug addiction risk prediction‚ forecasting short-term consumer spending‚ predicting equipment failure‚ and supply and inventory optimization.

For more than 115 years‚ MIT Technology Review has been identifying important new technologies and deciphering their practical impact. EmTech gathers the sharpest minds in the technology‚ engineering‚ academic‚ startup‚ and management communities to provide insight into the innovations that shape the world and business.

C3 Platform Proven at Enterprise Scale

The C3 Platform is a cohesive development environment for enterprise-scale big data‚ predictive analytics‚ AI‚ and IoT applications. The platform enables the integration and analysis of unprecedented volumes of disparate data—including telemetry from industrial and commercial devices‚ enterprise operational systems‚ and extraprise data such as weather‚ traffic‚ and social media—into a unified cloud-based data image‚ and employs machine learning at scale‚ in near-real time‚ to deliver predictive insights that improve operational efficiencies‚ enhance customer engagement‚ and differentiate products and services. also provides pre-built SaaS applications‚ including predictive maintenance‚ fraud detection‚ energy management‚ and sensor network health‚ for organizations in manufacturing‚ oil and gas‚ healthcare‚ financial services‚ aerospace‚ transportation‚ telecommunications‚ and the public sector. Enterprise customers and system integrators also use the C3 Platform as a service (PaaS) to rapidly build and deploy custom applications.

With more than 20 industrial-scale deployments and 100 million sensors and devices under management‚ provides the only development environment for next-generation enterprise AI and IoT applications that is proven at scale to deliver tangible business value.