ENGIE Digital’s Deputy Director Gérard Guinamand took the stage at the AWS Summit in Paris this week to describe ENGIE’s enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy‚ why ENGIE standardized on C3.ai’s big data‚ AI‚ and IoT platform‚ and the tangible business benefit ENGIE is achieving with C3.ai.

Led by ENGIE CEO Isabelle Kocher‚ the €66 billion‚ 194-year-old integrated power and gas company (with 153‚000 employees) is implementing an ambitious digital transformation strategy that is vital to its plan to be at the forefront of an energy sector that is undergoing revolutionary change.

ENGIE’s €1.5 billion digital transformation investment over the next three years includes the development of a global Center of Excellence (COE) comprising approximately 100 highly skilled data scientists‚ developers‚ and business analysts from ENGIE and C3.ai. The COE is responsible for developing and deploying 28 next-generation AI/machine learning applications on the C3 Platform – for all of ENGIE’s 24 business units worldwide – that will improve operational performance and offer new products and services for ENGIE’s customers while improving the client experience.

Of the many applications delivered by the COE on the C3 Platform‚ Gérard Guinamand highlighted one notable project: Clara Domus‚ a “smart building” solution deployed in Italy encompassing 500 connected buildings with 16‚000 sensors initially‚ and 3500 buildings managing 160‚000 sensors by the end of 2018. Clara Domus integrates data from a variety of data sources‚ including property management systems‚ building sensors (e.g.‚ temperature and humidity)‚ utility meter and billing data‚ and weather data‚ and leverages advanced big data analytics to give energy and facility managers a systematic approach to better understand and manage energy expenditure and achieve energy-related goals (e.g.‚ demand reduction or carbon reduction) across a portfolio of facilities.

The COE is developing additional applications on the C3 Platform‚ including power generation optimization‚ network monitoring‚ and customer engagement‚ that all leverage AI and machine learning at scale.

Gérard Guinamand closed his presentation recognizing C3.ai as an essential partner in ENGIE’s digital transformation‚ enabling ENGIE to support its mission to be at the vanguard of the IoT revolution.