Redwood City‚ Calif. – June 23‚ 2016 –™ and ENGIE today announced that ENGIE‚ a global energy leader‚ has selected the C3 Platform™ and applications as the technology foundation for its enterprise-wide transformation plan. enables ENGIE to harness the power of elastic cloud computing‚ big data‚ analytics‚ machine learning‚ and the Internet of Things to enhance and accelerate ENGIE’s lead in digital innovation. By standardizing its global business units on the C3 Platform‚ ENGIE will unlock unique business insight from the vast data across its global infrastructure to realize operational efficiencies and better serve its customers. The CEOs of ENGIE and held a joint news conference in Paris today to sign and announce the agreement.

“ENGIE has implemented an ambitious plan to confront the major challenges posed by climate change and promote people’s access to reliable‚ innovative‚ socially responsible‚ low carbon‚ and decentralized energy‚” said Isabelle Kocher‚ Chief Executive Officer‚ ENGIE. “ is an essential partner in ENGIE’s digital transformation‚ enabling ENGIE to support our mission to be at the vanguard of the IoT revolution.”

ENGIE selected to provide its high-performance‚ integrated‚ enterprise-scale IoT analytics and application development platform. has demonstrated a unique ability to leverage the power of cloud computing and all available data – including telemetry from sensors and devices‚ data from diverse enterprise information systems‚ and external sources such as weather‚ traffic‚ social media‚ and commodity prices – and employ advanced analytics and machine learning at scale‚ in real time‚ to capture business insights that improve operations‚ enhance customer engagement‚ and differentiate products and services.

One of the World’s Largest IoT Deployments’s full-stack development platform enables the rapid design‚ development‚ deployment‚ and operation of next-generation applications that apply advanced machine learning to recommend actions based on real-time analysis of dynamic petabyte-scale data sets‚ scores of enterprise and extraprise data sources‚ and telemetry data from millions of endpoints. The C3 Platform leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud for unmatched scalability‚ security‚ flexibility‚ and cost-effectiveness. Additionally‚ the C3 Platform is fully integrated with AWS IoT‚ a managed cloud service that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with the cloud.

As part of a three-year transformation plan‚ ENGIE will enable its long-term digital strategy using both’s platform and its pre-built SaaS applications. ENGIE will also use the C3 Platform to develop and deploy custom applications across multiple project implementations spanning ENGIE’s 24 business units worldwide. This unified application suite and shared IoT platform will accelerate business integration and leverage economies of scale by capturing functional best practices and expertise within and across business lines and providing the ability to benchmark‚ rationalize‚ and share the benefits of comprehensive data across geographies and industries.

Additionally‚ ENGIE will establish a Digital Factory that unites highly skilled data scientists‚ developers‚ and business analysts to create a self-sustaining group of 100 experts knowledgeable in analytics and data‚ as well as ENGIE’s organization and operations‚ to propagate techniques and expertise across ENGIE worldwide. will guide and train a dedicated ENGIE team to become expert implementers of the C3 Platform and applications. This deployment strategy will meet ENGIE’s goal of increasing shared functional expertise‚ unifying product strategy‚ and delivering operational data consistently across ENGIE’s lines of business.

“ENGIE is at the cutting edge of digital transformation‚ investing in state-of-the-art information technology and advanced data science to unite its worldwide operations and convert vast amounts of data into insights and predictions that will drive the organization as a leader far into the 21st century‚” said Thomas M. Siebel‚ Chairman and CEO‚ “ENGIE has a huge IoT vision to transform its business operations. We look forward to working with ENGIE to bring this vision to reality.”